Stone Masonry Services


Stone has always fascinated the human mind. From the early days we have lived surrounded by it, crafted it into homes and created art from it. There is nothing quite like seeing an artisan create things from stone. John J. Smith Masonry is capable of doing this in building construction.

They have more than 100 years of experience in the stone working and masonry trades and have won many awards for their work. Several of the buildings they have created incorporate stone in subtle ways, adding color here or texture there, requiring incredible precision. Others have extensive use of stone providing the building with a strong and vibrant look, one that states to others an intent to exist and persist with style.

John J. Smith is a trusted name in St. Louis stone masonry with a track record that speaks volumes. Precision, craftsmanship, and experience are the things to look for in a stonemason. John J. Smith has all three of these in abundance thanks to their strong work ethic, pride in the craft and years of experience.



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